dosthebrand has always believed in exploring new opportunities. In 2019, dosthepodcast was launched to continue the tradition of collaborating with new projects that are close to the brand. 

The podcast is hosted by Clara, founder and creative director of dosthebrand. She aims to create a tight-knit community, bringing on guests that share their journeys and advice on life, and their career. Touching different topics, the podcast was created to get real and step away from perfection or expectations. Made to create a safe space where we all feel good and empowered while listening- we’re all going through it together.

In the new season you will meet a lot of Clara's friends, creative souls and brand owners that inspire us on a daily basis. Clara and her guest share a raw look to journeys, projects and life. We can confidently say that dosthepodcat is one of the elements that make dos “more than a brand”. 

Season 2 is now available on all streaming platforms with weekly episodes.

Here is the link to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.