The reason behind our product names

When we decide to drop new items there is always a special step in the process; naming each piece. Since 2020, the brand gives each piece a name that belongs to a beloved person, place or project. Naming the items comes natural for the team as dosthebrand has been building a genuine and supportive community. 

The reason behind this idea is to represent every person who has been a part of dosthebrand's journey. Moreover, the newest campaign has been photographed with Clara's closest friends; an opportunity to celebrate all the special people behind the project.

Let us introduce them to you!

From left to right; Delmi, Benedetta, Charlotte, Danielle, Manon, Angela and Hannah. You probably recognize a lot of their names from some of our products like rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets.
Here's an example with our friend Manon wearing the Manon Earrings, (shop here).
Thank you so much for the warm welcome of the new drops!
Clara and Maria.