A review on our Best Seller piece (Carlota Necklace)

Here’s the story behind one of our best sellers, the Carlota Necklace.

Clara, the founder behind dos, visualised the necklace as a one time piece of jewelry for the 2020 Summer Collection. Little did we know that this thin chain with an initial charm was going to be one of the most loved items throughout the journey of dosthebrand. 

After a year receiving many inquiries to bring the necklace back, Clara thought that it was time to listen to what the demand was asking, and upload it one more time on our website to see what would happen, not knowing it would become once again the best seller it had been the first time.

We believe that in a world so saturated with all types of items, the concept of a custom piece of jewelry from a small brand seems more appealing and personal, there is more meaning behind the item. This piece has brought so many people together, as this has been the most gifted item between partners, mothers and daughters, friends for birthdays and so on. This is incredibly meaningful to us, behind the brand who love to see these stories being told through some orders. 

Currently the Carlota Necklace is available by pre-order, what this means is that the necklace is produced after the order has been made, and the production time is between 14-20 days. 

We will probably keep this necklace on our collection for a long time, we love it just as much as some of you do! Thank you one more time for the support and love behind each order. 


Maria and Clara