Spring; a season for Pop Ups with other female entrepreneurs

Dear readers, 

In this post we come back to you to thank you all for coming to our recent Pop Ups and to invite you to join us in our future ones. This spring season, we took advantage of the good weather and convinced a couple of our female entrepreneur friends to do Pop Ups together. What a time we had!

Pop Ups have always been our favorite way to connect and get to know each other better. In dosthebrand we believe in creating and shaping our own community, that is why Pop Ups have always been and will always be a huge part of our journey. Indeed, our spring Pop Ups have proved to us how much we love connecting not only with you guys, but also with smaller brands and getting to know the stories. We believe that Pop Ups are the best chance to continue building and strengthening our community, connect and share our stories with all of you. But for those who could not make to any of our Pop Ups… here is a little recap of what we did and what it was like. We hope to see you in our next one!

For our first Pop Up of the season we decided to team up with our friends from KOSS Cosmetics and Uzza Skincare, these two brands complement each other and care deeply about our skin, and we felt it was right to share KOSS’s space to do something together. 

KOSS Cosmetics is a Korean cosmetics store in Barcelona and where we had the opportunity to host our event. They believe that beauty should be easy and fun, no matter our age nor our skin tone. They want to bring us closer to Asian cosmetics with their products while remaining easy, affordable and respectful with both, the planet and our skin. Similarly, Uzza Skincare’s products are made for all skin types and seek inclusiveness in the beauty industry. They not only want to create the best products for our skin, but also to take care of who we are. Both brands believe in diversity, authenticity, honesty and in their community.  

The second Pop Up was at Empanar, a beautiful space we got to share with wonderful women behind Rouri, Zettia and Antonella Aissa. It was the perfect opportunity to provide you with some of what we believe will become your summer essentials. 

Rouri provided us with the most beautiful, breathy and sustainable pieces for all the nights that turn into mornings. Zettia brought their activewear, inspiration and strength to empower women, no longer having an excuse not to work out. Moreover, Antonella Aissa was the one who filled the space with her unique art. And we were the ones who brought your everyday jewelry to spice up all your outfits. 

Our most recent Pop Up was with our friends Carla and Ari from Agosto Studio. We felt like we needed to come to you with the unique bikinis to be fully ready for this summer. This time we hosted our Pop Up in one of our favorite spots in Barcelona, La Papa and, just like in previous Pop Ups, we had such a great time! We love meeting you all and getting to know each other in person. These events are a boost of energy and encourage us to continue growing and becoming a better version of dosthebrand.

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Hope to see you soon,