Our Mid-Summer Campaign

We hope summer has been treating you well and that you have been enjoying it so far!

We are here to tell you a bit of our last campaign we shoot for our summer collection. A couple of weeks ago we went to Garraf to shoot this campaign with our founder Clara’s friend @rileytaylor together with our friend Rocío from Róuri. Her flowy, linen white clothes scream Mediterranean summer to us, which was all that we had in mind when designing our newest jewelry pieces.

Our pieces for our summer collection are an appreciation of dosthebrand’s and our founders’ roots; it is all about sunset swims, salty hair, sandy skin, friends and fun; all about cherishing the Mediterranean culture and aesthetic, and about how summer in Spain makes us feel like. Hence, all we wanted to communicate with our newest campaign. We wanted you to be able to feel how we feel about Mediterranean summers, and we could not be happier with Riley’s work and how he translated all we had in mind into photographs. 

Riley Taylor is a photographer and filmmaker, currently based in NYC but raised in sunny California. They met in Coachella a couple of years ago and have since then shaped a very raw and creative friendship. So, he was the perfect person to shoot this campaign for dos. Indeed, this campaign is not only special because it was shot by our talented friend but also because it was shot on film, so every picture has even a deeper meaning to us. The developing process of film is always more rewarding and meaningful, and we could not be more content with the result, the light, the colors, the textures… Let’s say that the result of the campaign is an ode to the Mediterranean summer days. 

Special thanks to all the beautiful friends that helped us shoot this campaign and to every single one of you for supporting dos’ journey <3

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We hope you enjoy the rest of summer,