Clara’s January 2022 Favorites

Back to basics: comfort and black.

Clara’s style can be defined as an effortless casual. Comfort and quality is important and the black leggings from Bradhy (40,46 € – 44,95 €) are perfect. Clara describes this pair of legging as her second skin.

Trying to give color to winter

You’ve probably seen it on one of those elevator selfies; The MC Collective color strap (18€). Not only is it handmade, the strap adapts perfectly to all your bags, adding a pop of color to your winter (or summer) outfit.

All about the lips

Beauty related, the Eight Hour Cream Lip from Elizabeth Arden (15 - 20€) is a must item on Clara’s bag. The lip balm is quite the jam, they keep your lips moistened, healthy and glowy. 

From home: the stylish earrings

You’ve probably wondered what piece from dosthebrand is her favorite. The answer is here: Emelie Earrings (59€). The pair of earrings are perfect for your day-to-day, a small hoop with a touch of style.

A yummy favourite

Clara grew up in California, her first discovery was peanut butter and from there it has been unconditional for her breakfast. But recently the almond cream from be-nuts (6,90€) has topped her breakfast game. 

On Cloud 9

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming but rewarding too. The organic cotton “jersey” fitted sheets from MUJI have been the best purchase (around 80€ the entire set). The softness and warmth of the fabric is what makes this set of sheets the best in the market right now.

Stay hydrated even when it’s cold outside

When it comes to routines and healthy habits staying hydrated is probably one of the easiest to pick up. Here’s Clara’s favourite to help her get the ruine going: The MAMEIDO 1L Water Bottle (22,99€). This water bottle goes everywhere she goes; to the office, the gym, the airport and on long walks.

The art of multitasking while listening to a podcast

If you call Clara’s doorbell two things can happen; either she is really fast or you have to call three times more for her to open the door. The reason for the last option is due to her listening to a podcast from the second her alarm in the morning goes off. Podcasts are one of her favourite things after music. Second Life with Hillary Kerr is this month's favourite. The chief content officer of Who What Wear has conversations with inspiring people who are well known for their careers and journeys.

“Let your skin speak up”

Finding gentle skincare products can be confusing, but this product is an undeniable hit: Open Sesame Facial Cleanser from UZZA (33€). Based on natural ingredients (Sesame oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Blossom water, Soybean oil, Mint and Cinnamon) this product is Clara's literal obsession. 

A follow for Casual Outfit Inspo

We have all been in that position where you wake up and don’t know what to wear. To find some inspiration here’s Clara’s favourite instagram account: @gabrigofis. She has a casual and elegant style for your day-to-day activities. 

Improve your morning from inside out

Clara usually starts her day with a creamy coffee and a juice or smoothie. The Vital Proteins Marine Collagen (39,79€) is the key element for the creamy coffee but also collagen gives you many health benefits, improving quality of hair, bones, and skin.

Good Night Routine

After a day working with dosthebrand Clara likes to relax at home with her favourite TV Shows a candle and a skincare routine. Her latest discovery comes from KOSS, a korean cosmetics shop. The Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask (29,95€) is an overnight mask that calms, hydratates and repairs the damage on your skin.